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Family dynamics can be so complicated. Family dynamics can lead to so much pain that has become habitual over time. Even the role we play in our family can become so solidified in harmful ways that it can be difficult to imagine how to change the dynamics.

As a trained family therapist and an adjunct professor who has taught Family Techniques for counseling graduate students, Asher and the clinicians at IPC can help your family connect.

Asher, or one of our other gifted clinicians, will help each of your family member express their concerns, emotions, help them to feel heard and understood, and find a structure and balance that works for you and all members of your family. Our clinicians will engage family members to express themselves effectively and support the other people within the system. 

With family support, love, and nurturing, individuals can thrive in ways they cannot when family issues and disconnection are being experienced. Often times, individuals need to engage in family counseling with their loved ones for the greatest change.


Family Therapy for Gender Transitioning

Asher and the clincians at IPC work with many families who have a child, parent, spouse, or sibling transitioning genders. It is our experience, and research suggests, that transgender individuals thrive best when they have the support of their family. They have lower suicidal ideation/attempts, self-harm, addiction issues, and overall mental health concerns. 

At IPC, we also know that family members of transitioning individuals go through their own processes. They experience grief, loss, issues coping, their own judgments, and uncertainty of how to best support their loved ones. We will work with the family to inform, process, educate and support siblings, parents, grandparents, and any other vital person in the family system.

At IPC we use a gender affirming model of therapy for transgender and non-binary individuals, romantic relationships and families. Gender affirming theapy is a therapeutic stance that focuses on affirming a client's gender identity and to help their family and loved ones support their gender identity - this includes our support in obtaining social, legal, emotional and medical measures that support their gender and help people feel happy, healthy and safe in their gender identity and expressions. 

As gender affirming therapists, we work with adolescents and adults. When working with adolescents, we are that all caregivers/parents (with medical decision making) be coming from a place of support for their transgender and non-binary loved ones. If you are struggling to support their gender transition in a social, medial, emotional or therapeutic sense, we are happy to provide you referrals for therapists who can help you get to a place of love, acceptance and support for your loved ones. We truly believe that a supportive family system is inherant to the overall well being of transgender and non-binary people. 

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