Relationship Counseling

Let us help your relationships heal

Relationships are rarely easy. In fact, they are often times very hard. We are here to help your relationship heal.

It's quite normal to find yourself at a place where you are realizing that perhaps you don't have what It takes to make your relationship/s work. Many of us were never taught how to communicate effectively, emotionally engage, or connect on a deeper level. You may be at a place right now in your relationship/s where you don't know if you can go on. Believe me, the clinicians at Infinite Possibilities Counseling (IPC) get it. We have been there. Things can change.

Deciding to embark on a therapeutic journey with the one/s you love can feel exciting, scary, miserable, cathartic, and all things in between. This is all normal. When we encounter issues in our relationship/s, it's an opportunity for change. With our help, you can learn to move into a space of conscious and intentional love and connection.

Here at IPC we specialize in monogamy, ethical non-monogamy, polyamory and open relationships. Whether you are opening your relationship for the first time, want someone to understand the intricacies in your relationship/s, are having issues communicating or there has been a betrayal in trust, we can help. We also specialize in relationships where a partner/s is transitioning genders and the impact that can have on your lives. 

The clinicians at IPC truly believes that, with all parties committed to growth, change can be made and can be long lasting. We will help you change your relationships detrimental patterns into a healthy, loving relationship filled with respect and, yes, even passion.

Relationship Specialties

Develop a healthy, loving relationship with our help

Conflict resolution
Gender roles and how they affect our relationships
Gender non-conformity and its impact on relationships
Household duties
LGBTQIA+ communities
Men's sexuality
Monogamous couples
Neurodiversity and Autism

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Ethical non-monogamy
Non-traditional relationships
Open relationships
Parenting styles
Power dynamics/balancing of responsibilities
Pre-marital counseling
Religious/spiritual differences
Separation/divorce counseling
Transitioning gender and its impact on relationships/Transgender partners
Women's sexuality

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