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Hire Asher to Speak to Your Audience

"Asher is a naturally engaging, knowledgeable and relatable speaker with a clear gift of making unfamiliar and potentially challenging material accessible to a variety of audiences. Asher combines a personal and academic approach to ensure audience interest and comprehension. Asher's dynamic and flexible style is informative and captivating." - Ashley Eder, MA, NCC, LPC

"Asher's training was so well received. Our clinicians that attended gained a ton from his talk. Asher has a wonderful presentation style and is so articulate. His training was truly a helpful learning experience, especially how he uses his own story to educate others. Brilliant!" - Meagan Terry, MA, LMFT

Many organizations continue to struggle with understanding transgender, non-binary, or other gender expressive clients and/or employees. Now, lawyers, human resource departments, hospitals and other insitiutions are seeing an increase of patients and staff with various gender or sexual identities. 

Many organizations simply don't know how to properly interact with transgender or gender expressive clients and/or employees, and Asher is here to educate and support. Asher can consult with you, your organization, or school and speak to staff and faculty regarding the various sexuality and gender variant populations they may encounter throughout their careers and in your facility. Asher has done professional speaking engagements at many conferences, places of employment, institutions, universities and school districts. 

LGBTQ Cultural Competency Training Speaker Asher Eno