Psychotherapy Consulting

Gain Cultural Competency in Your Work

Are you a psychotherapist who would like to increase your cultural competency in regards to working with individuals, relationships or families where someone identifies as transgender, genderqueer, gender fluid, transgender, gender non-binary, etc?

Are you hoping to better assist your transgender and gender-expansive clients?

Do you want to have what it takes to work with marginalized populations such as people involved in polyamory and open relationships, BDSM, kinks/fetishes, or sex work? 

Do you want to best know how to support your couple when one of the partners has been diagnosed with Asperger’s or High Functioning Autism?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Asher can help by consulting with you as a clinician to do your best and most culturally competent clinical work. 

Often times therapists work with clients on one presenting issue, they establish a great therapeutic relationship, and then the client presents a new issue that the therapist may not be fully capable of addressing effectively. In these cases, your client(s) feel so close to you that they do not want to be referred out to someone else, even if you are not the expert on their current concerns. 

Instead of referring out, Asher will help coach and educate you on how to best support your own clients (individuals, relationships, and families) who present with the following concerns:

Asher is not only a good referral source for clients, but Asher also offers private and group consultations for therapists who would like to increase their cultural competency regarding Asher’s areas of expertise (see list above). Asher believes that many times therapists have the skills to work with many different issues and may simply need to seek out consultation of certain topics. Asher is here to help you expand your own knowledge. 

Please contact Asher directly for any questions regarding consultations, workshops, fees and availability.